Battlelog Mobile for Windows Phone

Battlefield statistics made easy!

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Battlelog Mobile retrieves your real time Battlefield soldier information from EA / DICE Battlelog servers to your Windows Phone. You are able to track your progression in easy, intuitive manner with lots of images and charts. Download now from Windows Phone Store, for free.

All five platforms are supported (PC, PS4, PS3, XBox One, XBox 360).

Battlelog Mobile is a open source project and it has nothing to do with official EA / DICE Battlefield or Battlelog products. Git project page can be found right here. This project will stay active until EA / DICE provides their own Windows Phone application.

Thanks to awesome community, that made my life easier, namely AmCharts, MVVMLight, JSON.NET, GZip WebClient, Silverlight Toolkit, Tomers Phone Control, YLAD, WP7 Continuous Integration and Sharp Serializer.

PLEASE NOTE that this application DOES NOT access your media library, does not use your phone services, identity or anything "weird" that has nothing to do with application logic. These are simply mandatory access rights needed by Microsoft Advertising SDK. You will see ad on login page, or none at all depending on your current location.


Latest available version is 3.0 released May 8th, 2014. This includes new milestone, namely Battlefield 4 support. See the issues for status of application development.